Corsair SF1000 SFX
Custom PSU Cables

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Corsair SF1000 SFX

Enhance your small form factor PC with our custom Corsair Type-5 unsleeved PSU cables. Designed for the Corsair SFX (2024) and SFX-L series, these cables ensure superior cable management and a sleek, personalized look for mini-ITX systems.

Corsair SF1000 SFX

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Corsair rear PSU view

Complete compatibility.

Our custom PSU cables are meticulously crafted for full compatibility with Corsair type-5 PSUs.  They ensure seamless integration, reliable performance, and easy installation, making them the perfect choice for your small form factor build.



Unsleeved cabling, offering a thinner, streamlined, and more flexible approach to managing your cables.



Connector Type

Corsair type-5

Power Supplies
  • Corsair SF750 750W SFX Power Supply (CP-9020284)
  • Corsair SF850 850W SFX Power Supply (CP-9020256)
  • Corsair SF1000 1000W SFX Power Supply (CP-9020257)
  • Corsair SF850L 850W SFX-L Power Supply (CP-9020245)
  • Corsair SF1000L 1000W SFX-L Power Supply (CP-9020246)
  • Corsair RM750x SHIFT ATX Power Supply (CP-9020251)
  • Corsair RM850x SHIFT ATX Power Supply (CP-9020252)
  • Corsair RM1000x SHIFT ATX Power Supply (CP-9020253)
  • Corsair RM1200x SHIFT ATX Power Supply (CP-9020254)